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In 2007, Google predicted that the "Yellow Pages will be Toast in Four Years". We're here, and they were right! According to Jupiter Media, over 78% of people who are looking for information start online.

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It’s important to have a strong plumbing website. It's important to have an Optimized plumbing website. It’s Critical that potential customers find YOU at THE TOP of the search engines.

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Website Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, Radio and TV Ads, and more. You focus on your expertise, We'll build your customer base.

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Google has even become its own verb. Three-quarters of all searches on the Internet are done through Google. Our goal is for Google to know you, And Love You!

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We start with an evaluation, getting to know you and your business. From there we clarify your goals and build your strategy. Time is money, so let's get started.

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Performance Web Sites

Quality West Heating & Cooling needed a new corporate site that performed, not just existed. Our delivery simply amazed them!
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Quality West Heating & Cooling
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Local, Paid, Natural, Video, Social...

Internet Lead Generation is critical. Job #1 is Top of Page 1 on Google, but there is also Pay Per Click Ads, Local Maps, and Social Media to consider. Plus reputation management, website conversion strategies and more.  Call us for more information.

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Plumbing Pro Marketing

Excited Plumbing Pro Marketer

When someone needs a Plumbing Pro...they call YOU.  When Plumbers need a Marketing Pro... they call us! We help you develop a very professional, cutting edge strategy and execute a complete marketing plan.   Give us a call and we will share how we are helping others, and how we can help you! Contact Us Today!

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The Internet Marketing Authority for Plumbers

For Plumbing Professionals Who Want To Dominate

Plumbing Pro Marketing is for the plumbing contractor who wants a strong internet marketing strategy in place to grow and dominate their target market (or markets). Internet marketing for Plumbers includes plumbing websites, Search Engine Optimization for Plumbers, Social Media strategies and much more.  We know the Plumbing Marketing Business and we have clients nationwide. We have a very strong record of contractor success that we can demonstrate to you in real time. Our company is unique in that we offer a TOTAL MARKETING SOLUTION for plumbing contractors.

If you don't show up in the Top 5 on Google searches for "Plumber" or "Plumbing Company" in your city, you can use our help.  If your website doesn't generate leads for you, you can use our help.  If the yellow pages are not pulling for you like before, you can use our help.  If you just don't have the time or the knowledge to effectively manage your marketing...Plumbing Pro Marketing is worth your investigation.

Ready to dominate your market? Domination requires your action and that begins with a call to us. Give us a call or fill out our Information Form so we can discuss your company, your market and your goals.cl_logo

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Turning Marketing Dollars Into Business Leads.

We work with you to develop a customized plan based on your goals. Companies well matched for Plumbing Pro Marketing are prepared to expand and have a strong desire to grow into market leaders.

The Plumbing Pro Marketing Systems are proven systems that we customize for your specific business offerings and marketplace. We utilize multiple cutting edge media tools combined in a unique and highly effective strategy. The systems are market tested to find prospects for your conversion into sales.

If you want to have expert guidance to ensure your marketing dollars are invested wisely and effectively, Plumbing Pro Marketing is your answer. You know the plumbing business and we know the business of plumbing marketing.

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Our Reeves Journal Column

The Importance of Reviews Monitor what they’re saying about your company online

WEB WORLD Column By PPM President Greg Hoffman
Internet reviews aren’t new, but the importance of online customer reviews continues to increase every year. With recent changes in Google page layout, the reviews a company receives are now front-and-center. This makes tons of good reviews critical to your Internet lead generation success. Many people will steer clear of a company with just 1 bad review! Read Article (PDF)

Lon Smith Testimonial

Free Website Analysis

Do you get enough leads from your website? Contact us for a free website analysis. Find out if your website is working to it’s full potential.


Plumbing Pro Websites

A strong website is like having a 24/7/365 salesperson who never goes home, never quits, and is always on!  Your website should no longer be regarded as an online brochure - the world has changed and customers respond postively to professional internet presentations, like websites from CPM. 

CPM can show you our success stories all over the country.  Call us for information on how you can hire your 24/7/365 online salesperson today!

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RokTab Image More Than 300 Million Active Viewers [Video]
Reach HIGHLY targeted prospects. Target by gender, age, interest, location, and more. Enjoy significant low costs per click. Reach your customer where they are spending time online. Facebook pages can be a huge way to connect to audiences. Facebook statistics tell us that the average user (at the time of this writing, May 7th, 2010) is connected to 120 pages, groups and events. Growing a fan base on Facebook for your page requires work, but engaging with your community on Facebook pays huge dividends.

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RokTab Image Up-To-Date & Comprehensive information
Invite Contractor Pro Marketing to your next Association meeting or trade show. Contractor Pro Marketing President Greg Hoffman offers an insightful and eye opening presentation on marketing your roofing company in 2010 and beyond. The world has changed and marketing a roofing company is different today than it was just 5 years ago. Attendees will take home ideas and actions they can implement immediately to improve their marketing and lead generation.  

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The Yellow Pages Are Cluttering Landfills The Yellow Pages Are Cluttering Landfills
27th February 2010:Yellow Pages 'clogging up landfills and recycling bins' as consumers switch to the internet [The Whole Story]. People do what is easy. Access to the Internet via work, home or any library have truly made getting online easy. According to Jupiter Media, over 64% of people who are looking for information online, use search engines. If I can type my problem or what I want into a search engine and find what I need, I don't need to go through the 100 pages of ads in the yellow pages. Search engines are getting more precise down to an industry specialty and geographic focus, while also continuing to be easier to use.

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